About our Scottish Fold Kittens for sale

TICA Registered Breeder of Scottish Fold kittens.

We are a kitty-loving couple who live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. A TICA (The International Cat Association) registered breeder of Scottish Fold kittens. These babies have fantastic personalities and great looks!

Ours is a very small, home-based cattery. Our cats and kittens are our family and live with us wherever we are: den, bedroom, or kitchen, so no need for cages or a separate cattery area. The kittens are well socialized, being raised in a loving, clean and healthy home environment, and receive lots of love and human interaction, including playtime with our kids and grandkids.

Mental and physical health and well-being are our primary objectives. Our desire is to nurture healthy, beautiful, and loving Scottish Fold kittens while providing superior customer service to our clients and to place our kittens with the utmost care in loving and caring homes.

Our kittens come with a health guarantee and written sales/altering contract agreement. This assures the healthiest cat possible. Each Scottish Fold kitten adopted comes with a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

We pride ourselves on having healthy cats from reputable breeders and a broad genetic base, including imported lines: FeLV and FIV negative.

All kittens will be ready after the 12-week age. Before that date, we’re accepting reservations. Kittens are reserved by a non-refundable deposit only. Please be 100% sure that you want, can afford, and ready to care for the kitten before sending a deposit. Kittens will be sold with a health guarantee and sales contract. Please, read more information regarding the adoption process

The Scottish Fold is recognized by its medium-sized body and unusual ears, which fold forward and downward and are quite small. The ears begin to fold when they are three weeks old, pricking up at sudden noises and then laying back to display anger.

Gentle, intelligent, and extremely well-adjusted, the Scottish Fold is also very affectionate. And though it can get very attached to its people, it will not be a pest or a nuisance. Like many other cats, it enjoys playing but is especially responsive to training.

Recognized by its unusual ears, which fold forward and downward, the Scottish Fold is an affectionate and gentle breed that can get along well with both children and other pets, provided it is properly introduced.

Scottish Fold Kittens for sale
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