Welcome to the world of Persian Kittens Cattery. I would like to present my beautiful Persian kittens for sale. I owned Persians for many years and fell in love with their beautiful appearance and wonderfully kind character. I have learned how to care for Persian cats to the point where I would consider them family. I breed my cats to produce eloquent, exquisite kittens that are of excellent quality. I wouldn’t sell a kitten if I didn’t believe that it wasn’t of the equipped quality needed to go to a new home. All my kittens are vet checked and examined to make sure they meet the health requirements needed in order to be ready to go to their new home.

We raise and breed Persian kittens that have sweetheart personalities.
The colors that we specialize in are mainly blue-eyed and green-eyed Whites,
as well as the ethereal Chinchilla Silvers and Goldens.
Occasionally, we will have darling shaded calico and bicolor Persian kittens as well.
Persian Kittens Cattery is a PKD, FELV, and FIV negative cattery.
Please look around our website, and if you fall in love with one of our babies,
please do let us know!
And after you pick out your perfect kitten, why don’t you visit our
boutique with luxurious, hand-made pet furniture, apparel, and accessories?
I’m sure your new kitten will appreciate the luxuries.

Scottish Fold Kittens for sale
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