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We are a small hobby cattery located in California. We find Scottish Folds to be simply irresistible. To us, their charm lies in their gentle, loving, and well-balanced temperaments.


We are dedicated to the preservation of the breed standard for the Scottish Fold and the continuous improvement of health through genetic analysis. So we’re really saying that our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful Scottish Fold cats that we can share with you.


Scottish Fold cats are big, fluffy, affectionate pets. They are wonderful companions, sweet-natured and intelligent. They follow you and stay sweet after they grow up. We get a lot of personal satisfaction from this hobby because it lets us meet new people and share the joy, happiness, warmth, and love of a Scottish Fold cat.


All of our cats and their kittens are well-loved, well socialized, and born and raised in our home as members of our family. They are cuddled, kissed, gently handled, and adored from when they are born to when they are placed with their family.


If you would like information about acquiring one of our cute and cuddly kittens from an upcoming litter, please visit the “Available” page. You will find out about our health guarantee, pricing, getting on our waiting list for a Scottish Fold Kitten Cattery, and much more!
All of our breeders were DNA tested for HCM and PKD.
We are happy to announce that all of our cats tested negative.

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Scottish Fold Kitten Cattery
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