Lucy Female

Kitten Name : Lucy
Kitten Age : 11 weeks
Gender : Female
Breed : Scottish Folds
Price :  $550
AKC Registration,
1 year Genetic Health Guarantee,
Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers

Meet Lucy – Your Future Feline Confidante!

Hello potential cat parents! Allow me to introduce you to Lucy, an enchanting female Scottish Fold kitten from Dream World Scottish Folds.

Lucy is no ordinary cat; she’s a petite ball of fur and affection that is sure to capture your heart. With a mesmerizing coat featuring soft hues and unique markings, Lucy is not just visually striking but also carries the unmistakable folded ears that define her Scottish Fold heritage.

Personality: Beyond her striking appearance, Lucy is a social butterfly with a heart full of warmth. Whether she’s playfully chasing feather toys or cozied up on your lap, Lucy’s versatile personality is ready to bring joy and companionship to your home.

Unique Features: What sets Lucy apart is not just her charming demeanor but also those distinctive folded ears that give her a look of perpetual curiosity. Lucy is not just a cat; she’s a living canvas of uniqueness.

Perfect for: Lucy is a seamless fit for any household, whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or a first-timer. Her adaptability and easy-going nature make her an ideal companion for those seeking a furry friend to share both quiet moments and playful adventures.


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